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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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have i tracking the conditions but we begin with tracy grant who is in lafayette for us tonight, and tracy, pg & e is warning some of its customers that we could see power outages. >> absolutely, jessica. that's always an issue. out here in the hills and the east bay and north bay are some of the areas expected to get the biggest amount of winds, the strongest winds. now pg & e today said it had its crews focused on the trees in order to get ready for the storm. it took hours for a pg & e crew to trim the limbs on this uplyptus tree. these limbs and branches were hanging too close to power lines and they set crews out across the area to trim other trees. the bay area is expected to get hit about strong winds tomorrow.
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>> it's a very, very high priority for us. we don't wait until the last minute when a storm comes through. we're doing this all the time so we do our best to catch as many of these potentially hazardous lims at possible. >> the utility companies are urging residents to call about any concerns they have about trees that may pose a threat in their yard. pg & e is worried about more than power outages. >> also a safety concern because a limb on a line could cause sparks. it could cause fires. that's why we take it so seriously. >> bruce mullin and kristen gaylord took their daily walk around the neighborhood of walnut creek and probably won't be able to do it tomorrow. he said he only heard about the impending storm this morning. >> i volunteer up at the space and science center and they said watch out because we didn't want any kindergarteners blown off the deck so i guess the wind is coming. >> the wind could whip up the colorful autumn leaves or
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possibly send christmas decorations flying into the air. but gaylord, who lives in berkeley, is not concerned. >> i feel pretty secure, and if it happens, it happens. >> reporter: now pg & e is asking customers to do one thing in particular. if your power goes out, they are asking that you look out window to take a look at your neighbor's home to see if they have any power before you call pg & e to come out and help. live in lafayette park, tracy grant, bay area news >> thanks. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. saw heavy fog again tonight which is very dangerous and now we're talking about wind so people need to know what's going on because we're not expecting it. >> especially with this storm system. the thing that makes it unique, won't have any rainfall accompanying it so that makes it extra dangerous. get the sudden wind gusts while we have clearkies and the other thing, it'st'oing to be a very long duration event. not just about six hours. we're talking about 36-48le hou
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of these winds that will be sustained, anywhere fro f 20 to 40 miles per hour and gusting our highind warning in effect for wednesd thind ahursdaynd fo the northeast and south bay hills above 1,000 feet and a wind advisory for all of our lower elevations. right now it's not too windy here in the north bay, but once again we'll look at those sustained winds. 20-40 miles per hour beginning as we head throughout tomorrow. the east bay is theth mostt critical area. that's where mt. diablo, some of our highest elevations could see wind gusts topping 60 miles per hour. again, winds calm right now, and this also ds ilude the santa cruz mountains headed from the south bay down into santa cruz wednesday or thursday. you need to be prepared for those very windy conditions on highway california 17. let's get a look at the wind catch. what you want to look at here is when the colors starred to move over the land. tonight we don't have the wind with us. for tomorrow morning, it's still rather quiet, but as we head throughout 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and also at 7:00 p.m., look at that, all of those oranges and yello, that sustained wind of
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15-30 miles per hour. that will be widespread here across the bay area, and it looks like as we head throughout wednesday evening, that's when things start to ramp up, and then by thursday morning, that's when our highest potential of the power outages will be. we'll time line more of this for you coming throughout the show and we'll talk about the fog and when that clears out. >> see you soon. it's been an anxious few hours in the south bay. police and the bomb squad tonight are dissecting the remains of a suspicious package detonated outside san jose's main post office just a short time ago. the lockdown began just after noon when a customer called police claiming a man, wearing a gas mask, was stuffing a package into the mailbox outside of the building, and when it didn't fit, he put it in another box and quickly left the scene. the fire department helped evacuate the customer lobby of the post office. an explosives expert was seen carrying the becomage before it was destroyed outside the building. as for the suspect now, he's still on the loose. a witness says a suspicious man was later seen jogging in body
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armor a few blocks away. well, a man accused of killing a police officer has pleaded not guilty. henry smith was silent today as his attorney entered the plea in solano county superior court. the 37-year-old is charged with shooting and killing officer james capu on november 17th after robbing a bank and leading police on a chase. smith also pleaded not guilty to four special circumstances f.convicted of any of the special circumstances, he could face either life in prison without parole or the death penalty. prosecutors will decide later if they will seek the death penalty. >> a very bad rap. a $35,000 reward is being offered tonight for anyone wore a lead on anyone who opened fire last night on an oakland crowd filming a rap video. seven people were wounded, including a nearly 2-year-old boy. hiram lawrence remains in critical condition after undergoing surgery. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live at the hospital in oakland.
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let's start with the little boy. how is he? >> reporter: well, we've got new information tonight. the little boy's uncle tells us within the last hour he has taken a turn for the better. again, within the last hour the boy began moving his arms and legs. we understand that the police chief came here to visit him a short time ago, and the mayor of oakland is expected to arrive here at the hospital within the next 15 minutes or so. a very hopeful sign for a little boy who has endured an unbelievable shooting. liquor store surveillance cameras captured these shocking images of at least three men opening fire on a crowd of people police say had just finished shooting a rap video. among seven wounded, 23-month-old hiram lawrence. you can see little hiram in his father's arms seconds before the shots went off. >> as a police chief i'm outraged by the senseless act of
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violence. this should not be tolerated by this community. >> police say so far they don't have a motive, and while they have identified several persons of interest they need the public's help to track down the shooters. investigators, the mayor and religious leaders are pleading for people to step forward with information. >> there were plenty of people in that parking lot last night, and we need for people to come forward because even though we have video we need people to come forward and identify the shooters. >> police say they are not getting a lot of cooperation from witnesses so far. the surveillance video shows at least one victim pulling out a gun and firing back at the suspects. >> they are not as cooperative as we like them to be, and that is part of the -- that's why we're trying to stand together and actually motivate and try to get some cooperation coming from not just the victims at the scene but the witnesses of the scene. >> as city leaders ask for help,
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hiram's family is asking for prayers. they say the boy, who is just a few weeks shy of his second birthday, remains in a coma. >> he's a fighter. i mean, he's in critical condition, but he's fighting. he's going -- he's going to get through it though. just keep me in our prayer. that's all i ask. just keep praying. >> reporter: again, some hopeful news from children's hospital tonight. the little boy's uncle says within the last hour the boy began moving his arms and legs. he is still in critical condition, but, again, the family is very hopeful that his condition will continue to improve. meanwhile, the search for the shooters continue. a $35,000 reward is being offered in this case. people are being urged to call the oakland police department right away if you have any information on this case. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc "bay area
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news." >> okay. jodi, thank you. a controversial crosswalk will get a second look tonight. the east palo alto city council will discuss safety measures at what some call a dangerous and deadly intersection. a second grader was killed at bay and gloria roads while walking to school in september. a consultant hired by the city said state guidelines require five deadly collisions within 12 months to justify new stop signs. this intersection has had four collisions in the past 12 months. tonight the city council will consider a number of new safety measures, including lighted crosswalks and perhaps more signs. neighbors say something must be done. >> like two days ago a lady was speeding really fast and i was like, hey, hey, hey, don't you see that little kid, and the cross guard was right there. they don't really care. >> in addition to the other measures, the council could still vote to install stop signs. we'll be at the meeting tonight and we'll bring you the outcome on our 11:00 newscast. santa rosa police are
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looking for a hit-and-run driver who struck a bicyclist before another car hit the victim. investigators say it happened at about 6:45 last night. that's when a car hit 49-year-old frank moreno in the southbound lanes of fulton road. you can see the map here near west college avenue. the driver then took off. police say another vehicle also hit the victim while he was lying on the street. the driver of the second scar an 18-year-old woman. she remained at scene where moreno was pronounced dead. investigators are still trying to determine which of the two collisions delivered the fatal blow. >> new tonight at 6:00, a daily city woman is in jail tonight on the charge of torture after allegedly pouring boiling water over her sleeping ex-husband. prosecutors say 39-year-old jesusus hidad was angry at her ex because she suspected him of cheating on her. when the boiling water walk him up the man then slugged him with
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a baseball bat. he ran outside and asked for help. the d.a. said he's in the hospital in critical condition. former b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle grabbed him from behind. kenneth carruthers testified he didn't raise his fist towards officers in a threatening way, as mehserle claimed. carruthers is suing b.a.r.t. in civil court claiming excessive force by police. he exchanged words with officers in 2008, weeks before mehserle was caught on cell phone video shooting and killing oscar grant. an expert witness also testified about hog tying which is how carruthers claims he was subdued. b.a.r.t. police have denied that allegation. still ahead here at 6:00, many of us have one, and they might be dangerous. how hackers could target your home printer and even cause it to catch fire. >> i'm scott budman. take an old building, add a little silicon valley know-how, an you've got a completely carbon-free environment. coming up, the unusual way a
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local startup is cleaning the planet. and they are not even working, but they are still making millions. the surprising new report involving prison doctors. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. cool, cloudy and foggy for some and well some sunshine for others. we did top out at 68 in oakland and only 54 in san jose with the low clouds. we'll see more fog as we continue throughout the night, but that wind is going to pick up for wednesday. we'll have more details on our wind watch and warning for the bay area in just minutes. ve
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not doing the work but still getting paid. california prison doctors who were suspected of malpractice weren't allowed to treat patients. however, they still received their full six-figure salaries. state records show at least 30 physicians and mental health
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professionals pocketed nearly $9 million since 2006. the doctors continue to be paid while they awaited a lengthy appeals process on whether they should be fired or reinstated. some did small jobs, like sorting mail, while taking home more than $250,000 a year? here are two things we don't oven discuss, your home printer being hijacked, remotely and mark zuckerberg admits to making mistakes. >> let's bring in our business tech reporter scott budman who has the headlines. >> reporter: lots of things to discuss. who do you believe on one side, researchers who say hewlett-packard printers can be dangerously hacked into. on the other side a tech giant defending itself. the charges come from columbia university which says it found a way to hack into and take control of hp printers, compromising personal data, even causing the printer to heat up. hp is responding tonight calling the accusations, quote, sensational and inaccurate. the company admits it discovered
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what it calls a vulnerability in some of its printers but says none of i machines have been hacked into. we'll keep you posted. with rumors surrounding its potential public stock offering facebook today settled with the federal trade commission over charges that it deceived users about its privacy settings. under the new agreement facebook will have to get your approval before it changes the way it shares your data. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg blogged about the decision admitting his company has made, quote, a bunch of mistakes. wondering how much money you can make by going green, a silicon valley has an answer. they came up a way to clean up building by building, and today they let us tag along. >> okay. then we need a couple of external temperature sensors. >> it starts in an office. >> so we need supplies. >> reporter: carbon lighthouse team, planning a strategy and then heading out to scour a building. using strange tools, like a spinning top. >> this is magnetic.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: and a light gun to measure energy use inside and out. cleaning up buildings. >> the goal is to stop climate change. >> reporter: making the more energy efficient and saving the owners lots of money in the process. >> i think it's incredibly important area for the economy, extremely important, because you've got literally thousand of buildings out there like ours, where you have owners that -- that would like to do something that's a smart investment, do something good for the environment, but don't really know how. >> reporter: so carbon lighthouse does it for them, like the ghost busters, their ways are a little mysterious but they do conquer. >> it's fun, right, wear my fancy button down shirt and then we go and sometimes we literally crawl around on the roof because you can't get into spaces and you need to put equipment where it's faced in the right area, so there's definitely good looks you get. >> reporter: looks aside, the sensors they deploy they will tell them by computer which parts of the building use the
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most energy. >> there's one. >> they will save this building's owner tens of thousands of dollars just by going green. >> people want to do the right thing, you know, and everybody -- people are pretty much good people, you know. you need to help them save a little money in the process. >> a startup with a good idea that's already cleaning up. >> reporter: carbon lighthouse is already developing more than 150 projects. if you think about it, their business is almost limitless given how many buildings there already are and how many are being built each month. jessica, each one can be a little cleaner. >> and they all make a difference, thank you, scott. tonight some people are up in arms in the east buy now that a federal appeals court is back in the middle of a 12-year-old gun rights standoff. the ninth circuit court of appeals agreed to hear a legal challenge to the 1999 law which restrict gun shows on alameda county property including at the fairgrounds. but the legal move wipes out a ruling made six months ago that upheld that long-standing law.
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>> meteorologist jeff ranieri is back with us. we're talking a lot about the changing weather pattern from the fog today and here comes the wind. some serious wind, correct? >> definitely dangerous wind that causes power outages the next 48 hours. we'll be getting rid of the fog lingering around, especially through the east bay and on the interstate 80 corridor, traveling up to sacramento tonight. quarter mile visibility still here in concord. down here towards mountainview, half mile visibility. depends where you are right now and the low clouds are still with us, and we'll still be dealing with the fog tonight. the fog that kept temperatures down quite a bit in the south bay still just 54 here in san jose. a lot of flight delays, too, for you. livermore, 16 with some breaks of sunshine and we also did pop up to 66 there in santa rosa after fog that was down to a tenth of a mile and less this morning. numbers are dropping off in some of these areas and that's also aiding and that patchy fog
6:20 pm
development through tonight. here's the important thing. we'll see light winds through the evening hours. only five to ten miles per hour once again helping with the fog but what we're going to find is there's so much fog in the central valley of california, stretching the entire interstate 5 corridor down to los angeles, easy time pushing back into the bay area over the next six to eight hours and then let's get to the wind. we have an unusually strong region of high pressure sitting out in the pacific and that's getting so close to the area. low pressurely will help create the wind as we head out wednesday and thursday. a long wind duration with the entire bay area under a wind watch and also a wind warning. the most critical areas will be regions in the hills, above 1,000 feet for the northeast and also the south bay for wednesday and also thursday, and -- and that includes the east bay. this is where we do think the winds will be ramping up the highest for wednesday and thursday with wind gusts that could even top 60 miles per hour out here at mt. diablo, so here's what we can expect with the winds.
6:21 pm
throughout tomorrow morning, starts to pick up. goes from breezy to windy by the evening hours for these hills. 20 to 40 miles per hour. then by thursday morning, that's when we do expect the likelihood here of possibly some power outages as we will have been under this wind that was sustained winds above 20 miles per hour for about well over a day or so, so for tomorrow morning, upper 30s and low to mid-40s and by 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow, still on the cooler side with plenty of low 60s so the wind will be delaying us at the airport the next two days and then the system out here in the east also producing delays. while the fog is gone, looks like the wind will be causing havoc at the airports the next couple of days for us. >> thanks a lot, jeff. >> sure. still ahead here at 6:00, why a west coast earthquake warning system could soon become a reality. >> i'm chris sanchez in san jose with how google maps is making it possible for you to follow that little blue dot once you're inside the store of your choice. i'm chris sanchez. i'll show you how it works coming up. >> and our political analyst larry gjertsen joins us to talk
6:22 pm
about newt gingrich's controversial immigration plan rnd the impact here in ca bafo .weia e n 'r imeckmo california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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sdwrirks no,s if, ands or buzz, another bay area city might be snuffing out smokers who light up outdoors. the city of money vanview held a meeting to discuss reducing secondhand smoke. city leaders are considering a new law that would ban smoking in outdoor dining areas and picnic areas. palo alto and sunnyvale are considering similar plans. >> departing from every other republican in the presidential nomination scramble, newt gingrich says he allows illegal immigrants to remain in the u.s. under particular conditions. nbc bay area's larry gjertsen joins us. larry, gingrich went as far as chiding his fellow republicans by saying that the party of the family was in favor of ripping apart families. >> yeah. you've got to say he's marching
6:25 pm
to his own drum beat, that's for sure. gingrich said this. it's foolhardy to assume that the federal government would find and deport what, 11 million undocumented workers, so he proses to grant kind of a permanent resident status to those illegal immigrants who after a period of say 25 years so that they have paid their taxes, obeyed the laws and done all the things expected of good citizens. now, this puts him clearly at odds with just about all the other republican candidates in the field. >> okay. so let's translate that here to california. we have a large number of illegal immigrants, and us a well know during the last primary and actually the last election, latinos came out big for barack obama. >> yeah. that's the point. it could be a game-changener california, one that no one would expect. look. california's got 2.7 million of those 11 million immigrants right here, and they are mostly latinos. now let's remember a couple other things. latinos are now nearly 40% of the state's population, and as
6:26 pm
you said democratic winner barack obama won about 75% of the latino vote in 2008. put this all together. if gingrich takes an immigration stance favorable to the socially conservative latino bloc he could peel off a significant portion of the latino vote, and suddenly california's 55 electoral votes, 20% of what's needed to need the presidency, you know what, they could be in play. >> that's going to be interesting with the tea party supporters, too. that's an odd mix. let's switch topics. let's talk about massachusetts representative barney frank has announced hi won't run for re-election. is he really tired of being nice to people, as he said, or is it an admission that the democrats can't regain a house majority in 2012? >> some would say that the fright v. frank is always nice but that's another story. barney frank has been in the highest rungs of democratic leadership for years, including chair of the financial services committee. the dod/frank bill that came out
6:27 pm
of there. now more importantly he was the first openly gay member of congress. we may take that for granted these days, but frank was a hero really to many when he came out of closet. now all appearances suggest that he would be elected in 2012 in a very comfortable district, but it may simply be, yeah,ing that frank is just tired. he's been in congress 32 years. but by the way, maxine waters of los angeles is slated to take over as the ranking member of the financial services commit, and i'll tell you, her politics are a whole lot different than barney frank's. that will be fun to watch. >> that will certainly be a departure from what we've seen. thank you very much, larry. >> well, still ahead at 6:00 now. dr. conrad murray is sentenced in the death of michael jackson. but it's the judge that's drawing a lot of attention today. >> and police released new details in the black friday shooting outside of a bay area store. tonight the man they are looking for. >> i'm janel wang. herman cain now reassessing whether to stay in the cane 24 hours after a woman claims the two had an affair. and the british embassy
6:28 pm
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>> well, despite getting the maximum four-year sentence, the doctor convicted in the death of pop star michael jackson will likely serve less than his four years in prison. >> dr. conrad murray learned his fate today. more from our sister station in los angeles and the courtroom where the sentence was read. >> reporter: convicted and now sentenced, dr. conrad murray appeared to blow a good-bye kiss towards his mother and companion nicole alvarez as he was led from court to begin his term. nominally the maximum of four years but more than likely less than two years, the maxim the judge could impose >> i think dr. murray is so reckless based upon the law and the definition of criminal
6:31 pm
negligence that i read and everything that i heard and saw in this case and dr. murray's subsequent conducts -- conduct, i believe he's a danger to the community. >> it was a stunning rebuke of the defense's request to be released on probation. the league defense attorney had imprord to look at the rest of dr. murray's life, the ones he helped. >> two of them straighted out straight out, they wouldn't be alive without them, two of them. >> does any of that matter? >> the judge responded he did consider the whole book of murray's life. i also looked to the chapter that disturbs me the most. >> the chapter of murray's care of michael jackson treating his insomnia night after night with an iv surgical sedative. >> the defendant was playing russian roulette with michael jackson's life every single night. >> prosecutor david wahlgren spoke of the impact of jackson's
6:32 pm
depth on his children. family members did not speak during the hearing but did have an attorney read a statement. >> we respectfully request that you impose a sentence that reminds physicians that they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder and cast aside their hippocratic oath to do no harm. >> in seeking the max term the prosecution submitted a dvd with video clips of dr. murray recorded before the end of trial, including an excerpt from an nbc interview. >> i don't feel guilty because i did not do anything wrong. >> other excerpts showed murray's unwillingness to accept responsibility. >> he feels betrayed and entrapped by michael jackson. talk about blaming the victim. from the courthouse, dr. murray was taken back to the central jail facility where he spent the last three weeks.
6:33 pm
he will get credit for the time severed, but apart from that a share of spokesman said dr. murray was not eligible for early release. he'll full full two years. patrick healy, nbc bay area news. >> san leandro police department released new surveillance video of a black friday shooting at a walmart. activity is shown at the top center of your screen. police say at least two suspects approached shoppers in the parking lot just before 2:00 a.m. on friday. that's when one of the shoppers, 21-year-old christopher mario, put up a fight before a gunman shot him in the next. the man is okay despite the gunshot wound. the gunman and the attempted robbery thought to be 29-year-old detwone watson. police say the victims didn't buy anything at their house. >> the three victims went to
6:34 pm
walmart to look for the video game. the video game was out of stock and they didn't buy anything. they were standing at car, going to smoke a cigarette before they left. the shooting appears random at this time. >> we're told multiple suspects left the scene in an older model burgundy buick riveria. a man already in police custody will be held without bail. >> once considered the front-runner for the gop presidential nominee, but tonight herman cain is possibly on his way out. >> janel wang is here with today's national headlines. >> reporter: good morning. this morning herman cain told his senior campaign staffers that he will be reassessing his campaign over the next few days. in the meantime, he's continuing with his commitment just wrapping up a speech on national security and foreign policy at hillsdale college in southern michigan. cain did not address the latest adultery allegations. yesterday a georgia woman claimed the two had a 13-year extra marital affair.
6:35 pm
cain denied the affair saying they were just friends but said it's make the toll this is taking on his family is something to consider and why he may be considering dropping out of the race. american airlines' parent company amr is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. they said they would operate normally. until today american was the only major u.s. airline that had not filed for bankruptcy in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. police have secured the british embassy in tehran after students stormed the offices today. some tense moments. demonstrators smashed windows and burned the british flag and chanted death to england. they are upset with the uk's decision to impose further economic sanctions on iran because of its nuclear program. president obama said he was, quote, deeply disturbed by
6:36 pm
today's events. vice president joe biden is in the middle east tonight making a surprise visit to baghdad. this is his eighth trip to iraq since being elected vice president. the trip was to reaffirm the u.s./iraq relationships as american forces are set to leave the country by the end of the year. about 13,000 troops are still in iraq tonight. at the height of the war in 2007, there were over 170,000 troops stationed in iraq. >> most of those troops will be home for the holidays. >> exactly. >> hope they make it home safe. it turns out the 99% might only have 50% support from californians. a new field poll out shows people are pretty much evenly split when it comes to supporting the occupy movement. 46% identified a lot or some with the protests and demonstrators. the other 49% said they didn't identify much with the movement at all. 32% to 58% agree with the protests underlying reason while the remaining 10% expressed no opinion. support in the bay area was at
6:37 pm
48% while l.a. county was at 53%. the poll of 1,000 people was done between november 14th through the 27th. it's been talked about for years but tonight an early earthquake warning system could soon bork a are at. or $6 million grant was made by the betty moore foundation. it's the first step towards creating a west coast warning system. since 2006 the usgs and quake researchers have been working on a prototype that sends messages to select scientists. now a fully functional west coast alert system would cost $150 million over five years. >> still ahead here at 6:00, how can you get a free christmas tree and help out the environment in the bay area this year. >> also, google is taking us indoors this time. who can use their new technology, and why a trip to the mall might never be the same. >> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
6:38 pm
ranieri. dangerous dense fog that delayed flights at all of our airports and temperatures were down as well. 54 in san jose and a little bit warm they are in oakland at 61. still have fog tonight but, of course, it's all about the wind the next two days. we'll have more on this high wind warning and who could have the strongess honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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you already have one. oh. ♪ marin county is really thinking outside of the christmas box this year. it has had a clever idea to get rid of an invasive species in the local park. called the nuanced vegetation christmas trees and let the public haul them away. the holiday habitat restoration event, as it's called, happens saturday morning. this saturday morning anyone can
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cut their own tree for free at ring mountain open space preserve. rangers are using ribbons to mark the montry pines which aren't native and need to go. they are not trimmed, and those triangular type trees you see at free farm, bish and wild but they are free. make sure you don't accidentally bring home soft of the poison oak nearby. >> jeff cut down his own christmas tree. >> it was a big thing. >> we got the saw and did it ourselves. >> i know, it was fantastic. >> my arms still hurt. >> but you paid for it. >> this one is free. >> $10 permit but free, can't beat that. >> we'll see a change from fog to wind. >> that's right, and that wind is going to be here sooner than you know it. it's going to be gusting around here to part of the east bay. we'll let you know who has the strongest winds coming up in just a few minutes. >> i'm scott reese here in the newsroom. what's with all the facial fuzz on the sharks? it's more significant than you might think. plus, the giants look up two important components for the
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an workers broke through a hall in the hillside creating a tunnel which will become the fourth bore of the tunnel.
6:44 pm
the work has been under way for more than a year and it won't be finished until 2012 but today marks a significant milestone as a giant excavating machine called a road header broke through a wall in the middle of the mountain. it will connect the tunnel that were working towards the middle. it's a key commute artery. >> we'll follow the blue dot. that's how a lot of us get to where we're going by using google maps. google is taking that blue dot inside some of your favorite stores and airports with maps to help you get around while you shop and travel. >> nbc mai bay area chris sanchez say what shopped about it. >> christina is shopping for holiday decorations with her kids. >> we let the kids wander around and we need to get in and just one of those days. could pull up a map of the ikea store or home depot to help
6:45 pm
shoppers find what they are looking for. google isn't the first company to put up maps inside the stores to help you get around but some of the companies are summarily and you need to know what you're looking for and everybody knows how to find a google map. >> i would use it if google had it, absolutely. >> for someone like me who can get lost inside a wet paper bag, i think it would be great. >> i think it would. looking for another app that would work. >> reporter: others say you don't really need google map to find your way around a store. >> when i get into a store i usually know what department i'm headed for and i just take off from there. >> i'm more hands on rather than technical person. >> it's also nice to look around yourself and find what you need. >> reporter: you can also find google maps for 18 u.s. airport, including mineta san jose and san francisco international and this month she says she would fish out her smartphone.
6:46 pm
>> that would be nice to know because some airports have play areas for kids and things like that, and if you knew ahead of time, can you -- that would be cool. >> reporter: right now only android users can access their indoor google maps. google isn't saying when iphone users can follow their own blue dots inside their famous stores. chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> if you can get me around an ikea, that would be fantastic. >> that's true. >> weaving in and out. >> let's talk about this wind. it's unusual to get this wind but no rain. >> yeah, and that's a great point. we are going to get this huge wind event for the bay area. widespread winds, not only for the hills but also for the lower elevations, and without that rain it's kind of, you know, lacking that signal that something is happening, so, you know, you could be outside. it's completely sunny out there. we get wind gusts at 40 miles plus per hour. more on that but to the fog right now. it's been dense throughout a lot of east bay, continually through today. quarter mile visibility in concord, half a mile visibility
6:47 pm
and fog with us as we continue throughout tonight. the fog kept temperatures into the 50s and warmed up in santa rosa to 66. fog down to a tenth of a mile this morning. coldest numbers are right where we're seeing the thick fog developing. 45 in napa, 43 in fairfield and 46 in concord. tonight and into tomorrow morning, still areas of fog, but as that wind starts to ramp up tomorrow morning, it starts to become breezy in the hills, we'll get rid of the fog but it's going to be all about the wind hear for wednesday with some very gusty winds developing across our hilltops, and this is a two-day wind event where winds could top 50 miles per hour. crews are concerned and they are going in and taking precautions and you should take things off your yard as we head throughout tomorrow. that's why the fog will continually have an easy time. for the next 48 hours we have this area of low pressure moving
6:48 pm
into the great basin, and then it's this strong region of high pressure. we're going to ramp up these winds across all of northern california, so, again, a widespread wind event for us that's going to stay as we continue throughout thursday. not only for the hill tops but also for our lower elevations. they have a wind watch and warning for the entire bay area. most vulnerable spots, the hills, above 1,000 feet, north bay and south bay. included for wednesday and thursday. top wind gusts will be here in the east bay. mt. diablo could see winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. can you see it's very light right now but things are going to be changing 24 hours from now. so let's get a lot on the timing of this wind which is going to find us out tomorrow morning. breezy in the hills. wednesday evening it starts to ramp up. 20 to 40 miles per hour and lower elevations. we could see some power outages out here. tonight mid-40s expected with
6:49 pm
once again patchy areas of dense fog, and then as we head throughout tomorrow we're expecting mid-60s. 63 ins will gatos. on the seven-day forecast it stays dry but, again this, wind event could bring dangerous wind gusts, not only for wednesday night but all the way to thursday. you'll see the winds die down for friday and some very cold nights coming back. take it slow and be careful. doing any traveling, may cause some airport delays. >> thanks for the warning. let's get to sports. >> scott reese joins us from our comcast newsroom. it's the off season but still talking about the giants. >> raj, you know there is no off season when it comes to baseball around these parts. larry baird hats had a few days to settle into the ceo role and today he made a few moves
6:50 pm
extending the contracts of general manager and manager bruce bochy. sabian's 16-year run makes him the longest tenured gm in baseball and bochy has been here since 2007 and both are happy to be hanging around for a while. >> we have high regard for brian sabien and bruce bochy. when mentioned that when we announced the transition. they have been with us a long time. they are a big part, brian 16 years, bruce managing since 2007. the giants, a big part of our success, and with continuity is a big part of who the giants are, and we thought that was the right thing to do before the winter meet to go extend them out. the giants will have a new look in certain games next season. sports reports the team is bringing become a slightly updated version of their 1980s road jersey as an alternate look for 2012. they will become the only
6:51 pm
current major league club wearing two gray jerseys regularly. a little football news. ndamukong suh will pay the price for his thanksgiving day antics. the nfl suspending detroit's all prodefensive tackle without pay for two games for the stomping of green bay's evan detrick-smith. suh has appealed the ruling. nothing says hockey like the playoff beard, and while we revel in the camaraderie and the spirit of the concept, two months, no shave gets a little scraggly. this month the league carried out a modified version, less hair, but for a greater good. brodie reports. >> reporter: in san jose and across the nhl, november was movember, with players growing mustaches sponsored by donations online. the sharks alone have raised nearly $6,000 for prostate cancer and men's health awareness. >> beat the crap out of each other on the ice, i think we are a family and we come together
6:52 pm
for things like this. >> get referees doing it now. you get, you know, the fans do it. i think it's just an easy thing. it's a great cause, and it's -- it's -- i always look forward to the month. >> to see it come to fruition is a great thing, but i'm sure there's a lot of them that are anxiously awaiting december 1st and probably pushed so by their wives as well. >> there are virtually no drawbacks to growing a movember stash, except for one, and that is let's just say some guys are follicly challenged, and they hear about it every day. >> unfortunately, you have to spend a month watching and looking at some of these guys every day and they don't look very good. >> that's them having fun with each other, and -- and, you know, some of them just doesn't fit. >> had some funny comments on the ice from other guys and usually about the bad hair and the bad mustache combination, it's pretty solid.
6:53 pm
>> he died his black, looks kind of cool actually. burnsy is greasy so that suit him and joe has got the -- almost like the old man mustache. we've got some guys that can work it. >> most players will shave before thursday night's game but already look forward to next movember. >> look foolish like this for a month. i'll do it every single year. >> i'm trying to picture raj with a mustache, let alone a playoff beard. honestly guys, not saying that. >> bad scene. >> can you grow a mustache? >> can grow a little thing. i look like an engineer in the silicon valley. >> thanks a lot. >> full hour of bay sports coverage tonight at comcast sports net bay area at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. the battle continues in palo alto. which is owners not happy with the city council, but the mayor is pushing ahead with the city's plan to reduce california avenue from four lanes to two lanes, city officials believe business nez that area will thrive once it gets rid of two lanes on the busy street between the caltrans station and el camino. their research shows the move will result in more foot traffic along california avenue. the project hit a snack when an environmental impact report was not handled properly. a mayor sid espinosa says that will be corrected. business owners along california avenue are strongly opposed to the project believing it will lead to traffic congestion.
6:57 pm
>> well, coming up tonight at 11:00, san francisco you may remember had headlines when city supervisors voted to ban toys within city limits. that legislation goes into effect this thursday. tonight it appears one fast food restaurant has found a way around it and will actually be making money off the new rule. tonight, how they did it and what parent can do to fight back after an all new "perrinhood" right here. >> a 7:00 newscast on the cable channel. brent cannon is here. >> another campaign shakeup. will herman cain have to drop out of the race? we'll be talking politics. facebook admits to making a bunch of mistakes. will an ftc settlement change your privacy and how you use social networking? and what to do about the economy. we take a look at two new surveys with two different perspectives. one of them is kind of cool. a look at what's happening right here locally on comcast 186 in a couple minutes. >> okay, everyone. evening. peeving.
6:58 pm
11 to see y t bker h at :0 b.>>ye-b ac the holidays may be the best time of year to again jat goodwill, but it's the worst time for generating waste. i'm suzanne shaw. california leads the nation in recycling. 89% of our glass is recycled, but we cycle only 9% of polystyrene, including the foam trays used in food packaging. the problem is polystyrene has to be cleaned to be recycled, so most bay area recyclers take used food containers straight to the dump. just because you put it in the bin doesn't mean it gets recycled which is why more than 20 bay area cities have banned the use of styrofoam and polystyrene, and with the plastics industry lobbying
6:59 pm
against a statewide ban, nbc bay area urges you to give the environment a gift this year. support local polystyrene bans and use biodegradable alternatives. can you learn more at


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